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Pat & Robin making musicPat Fitzgerald & Robin Dale Ford, a.k.a. “Fitzgerald & Ford,” were in opposite orbits when they met in the seventies. Robin was unknowingly a part of a rather large movement of young people (OK, Hippies...and proud of it!) that were heading north to Alaska and the promise of an, as yet, unspoiled wonderland. Pat, on the other hand, had been born and raised in the small town of Fairbanks and was giving much thought to “gettin’ outta Dodge” and finding out what was “shakin’ ” in the the Lower 48. But this wave of new, young faces and their enthusiasm for his home state had a big effect on him. Instead of heading south, he moved further into the Alaskan woods and the pioneer lifestyle and built a big log cabin, now the home of 10th Planet Recording Studio...a uniquely Alaskan melding of high- and low-tech.

Back then, Pat was a drummer for the seminal Alaskan band, The Glass Bead Game, and Robin was a big fan, going to almost all of their shows that first magic summer in Alaska. Over the next years, Pat and Robin were, separately, major contributors to the lively music scene of Fairbanks with Pat very influential in the Rock & Roll sphere, and Robin (avec banjo) adding to a robust revival of Old Timey and Bluegrass music in bands like The Sidewinders & Doc South's Old Time String Band.

Pat & Robin backpackingTheir musical orbits finally collided one Fall evening as they waited in line to see a Bonnie Raitt concert. Pat had heard that Robin had taken up the electric bass, and asked if she would like to join a new Rock & Roll band he was putting together. She jumped at the chance to play loud, and the past two decades have heard the two making noise in countless bands including Stir Crazy, The Flyers, The Firewalkers and their current band, DANG! Throughout their time in these bands, both Pat and Robin have maintained solo recording and performing careers, and in the late nineties decided to combine these solo acoustic acts into one show and take it on the road. In 1997, as “Fitzgerald & Ford,” they toured the entire West Coast from Alaska to Arizona, and in 1999 toured Canadian music festivals from Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island. In between these forays to “other worlds,” they can be heard playing their music all over their beloved Alaska.

Now, after constant haranguing from fans and promoters alike, they are in the process of coming up with the material for a “Fitzgerald & Ford” CD that will showcase their energy as a duo. Look for this project sometime in 2002, the year which will also find them celebrating 10 years of 10th Planet Records and 20 years of love (yes, they are a couple!).

A sample of their duo sound can be heard on Pat’s song “Dark Road, Gypsy Light” from his Wild Harvest CD.

For bookings, contact 10th Planet Records, P.O. Box 10114, Fairbanks, Alaska 99710.

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