Wild Harvest Reviews

Chaos Realm Magazine (Ray Dorsey, April 2000)

The next 10th Planet release I have here is Pat Fitzgerals's, “Wild Harvest” (10th Planet is actually a small label owned by he and [Robin Dale] Ford). This one is folk, but way more modern-sounding, thanks to the inclusion of electric guitar, bass & drums on a few tracks and sees Pat as a very good songwriter. He can deliver some hooks as well as some quite thoughtful lyrics, as noted on "Halo Kid," "Highway 55" and the excellent "Dark Road, Gypsy Light." His voice is nice as well, and completes a solid contemporary folk disc that stands up with most of the bigger names.

Massimo Ferro (Radio Voce Spazio FM 93.800 MHz - Italy)

"Wild Harvest" is a very enjoyable effort, a typical album of great American rock 'n’ roll, just like the ones I had the luck to listen to until some years ago, before American music scene was dominated by rap and the so called "boys band". There is something in the work of Patrick that reminds me the best Tom Petty, and this is of course great, but with the difference that is seems Pat absorbed more influences and his style is surely more various and folky. He also is an excellent composer and many of his songs have very catchy tunes, especially "Big Horses Moving Fast", "Handwriting On The Wall" and "Waiting For Something To Happen", but it is very hard to mention something else because again this is all priceless stuff and will surely find its way on the air here!

Steve Mertz (Arizona writer)

Yo. After just having listened to “Wild Harvest” for about the 30th time, I just want to [say] what an incredible album [10th Planet] has produced. Every song is rich with imagery, stories and characters. The songs have a very literary quality and yet [Pat] rocks like a sumbitch. The musicianship throughout is flawlessly executed. This is the best [Fitzgerald] has ever done, and [he’s] already given us some good ‘uns. And Robin’s harmonies and bass playing shine. [I] especially like the banjo on the last track. Thanks again for the music.

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